Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Special Day before the Wedding

Don't we remember or envision our wedding day as something unique and simply unforgettable... Or course we do. So let me tell you a story of a Japanese couple who extended their excitement.

Just last week, we hosted this lovely couple on our Canyon and Wine tour. They booked this full day excursion over the internet. We picked them up as agreed from their Queenstown accommodation and off we went into Skippers Canyon to spent the first 3hours of the day.

After this initial experience we took them to our first winery stop and had lunch. There we learnt that they where on their honeymoon in New Zealand and that Queenstown will play a major role at their wedding. In fact, the day they joined our full day get-away was their last day before the wedding!

And what a day it was - simply glorious! The sun would be shining for them all day long, increasing the experience of wine tasting even more.

After lunch, we visited the second vineyard, where THE special wine bottle was bought - what an incredible memory this must have been!

Though the last and third vineyard did not see this remarkable couple as they decided to experience other people bungy-jumping off the ramp at the Kawarau Centre instead of tasting more wine - and surely we accommodated them as best as we could.

We are sure the two enjoyed the rest of their 'last' day memorably.

The next day did hold a little surprise for us. We did our usually tour into Skippers Canyon and at the saddle, we saw the couple with a photographer taking pictures of them with Mount Aurum in the background - what a wedding day!

We wish them all the best and good fortunes...

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