Monday, May 30, 2011

Up close and personal with Queenstown Wine

I believe the highest praise of a tour can only come from customers who truly and genuinely enjoy what they experience.

This fact was definitely true for the travel agents we hosted on our Wine Tours in Queenstown. We all attended Trenz 2011. For the first time, participants had the chance to experience activities and did not only need to rely on information provided by the tour operator - at the end of the day, we operators can tell (and write for this fact...) basically what we want, but having the agents experiencing exactly what we do, is simply priceless!

So we hosted those agents and took them to Gibbston Valley where we enjoyed our first wines at Waitiri Creek. We were fortunate to have the sun caressing our sandwich lunch - which was provided by Trenz and is not the standard lunch we offer to our customers. Nevertheless, we tasted white wine with extensive explanations why and how and where, when and how exactly those wines are produced, created and put into the wine bottles we can buy at the lovely Church cellar door.

This was a fabulous start to an unforgettable afternoon for those people who further refer this very wine tour to their customers.

so stay tuned...

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