Friday, June 1, 2012

Food & Wine Lovers get Special Deals in Queenstown

We just released our new special offers for our wine tours. Choose between several discounts, gifts or combine your sensual attraction with a visit to Skippers Canyon..

Here are the deals:

Get 20% off
This deal is for our Wine and Culture tour including Lunch. Enjoy with us the new gold of Central Otago. Try the latest creations of wines and enjoy them in the Spring sun.
In order to receive this discount, all you have to do is book online directly with us. Click here to learn more about the details of this deal.

Receive a FREE bottle of wine
This deal is for our Wine and Culture tour including Lunch. Enjoy with us the new gold of Central Otago. Try wines of 3 boutique vineyards during this afternoon tour. If you would like to receive a free bottle of Queenstown local white wine (value $30.--), then click here to learn more about the details of this deal.

Please check our special deals page to see if our other offers suit you. Maybe, you would want to combine your attractions...
We see you soon here in Queenstown!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wine from Queenstown: A Special Gift for You

You already might know that we have special offers for some of our tours. During the months of April and May 2012, we offer 1 free bottle of wine if you book your wine tour directly with us.

Here are some more details about the deal: Join either our Wine & Culture tour or the Canyon & Wine tour during the months of April and May. The major differences of the two tours are that the Canyon & Wine tour takes you first into Skippers Canyon and adds the subsequent lunch and wine tastings in the afternoon.

Our Wine & Culture tour starts at lunch time. Enjoy your lunch at the first winery where you will taste some wine before we visit 2 more boutique vineyards.

If you would like to receive this free bottle of Queenstown wine, all you have to do is book your wine experience directly with us. Follow this link, choose your wine tour and the date, fill out the form and ... voila... all done.

In case you wondered what kind of wine you will receive... well: this is a secret. It might be red or white or even a rose. In order to find out, you will have to join us :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wine Festival Queenstown

Gibbston Harvest Festival - Sun, Fun and Deliciousness

...or as the article in the Otago Daily Times states 'Wine, food and no snobs'... this is the Gibbston Harvest Festival which is yearly held in the valley near Queenstown.

Next to wine tastings - of course - delicious food and entertainment for the entire family are available at Waitiri Creek who is this year's host of the festival.

As a special feature for this year's event, the weather god is blessing the spectators with his sunshine and warm temperatures which in turn will make sure that the wines on offer are even more enjoyed.

If you plan to come to visit our neck of the woods at this time of the year, make sure you don't miss to visit this festival of the Gibbston Valley Wine Community.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Queenstown Heritage Tours Wine Tours

Do you prefer to go on an afternoon wine tour here in Queenstown and do 'just' this? Or do you think that a combination tour would suit you more?

Now you might ask which combination I mean. I am talking about the combination of a Skippers Canyon tour in the morning and some wine tastings in the afternoon. This full-day tour includes lunch at one of the wineries where you will also taste wines.

Both wine tours will take you to 3 boutique vineyards in Gibbston Valley. As mentioned, Lunch is included and you even get to choose which dish you like. We do not offer any standard platters, but you may of course choose to eat this lovely cheese platter over the mussels or even a gourmet pizza.

During the afternoon tastings, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the wine you taste. You are very welcome to ask your questions and the cellar door staff is more than happy to answer all your inquiries.

Would you like to have some more information? You can find them on our official website pages:

Wine & Culture tour - wine tour with lunch
Canyon & Wine tour - combination of Skippers Canyon and wine tastings.

If you do not find everything you need, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Connoisseur and the Novice are equally welcome

It is a rumour that only those ones who already discovered the true spirit in wine can join a wine tasting tour. It is a rumour, too, that all those ones who 'just like' to drink wine will overdo it on a wine tasting tour. Though it is no rumour that not everyone likes the same wines while on a wine tasting tour.

For exactly those reasons we stop at 3 different boutique wineries in Gibbston Valley. But why exactly do we tend to feature those boutique wineries? We believe that you - the wine taster - will be welcomed as a true believer of Bacchus (or Dionysus which is his other name) at the smaller places . As you know, Bacchus was the Acient Greek God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy. That's why wine brings us so much joy and relaxation - don't you think?

Seriously... Just the other day, we hosted a small group of connoisseurs. They knew their wines, alright. They enjoyed those glistering drops very much and bought at each vineyard a different variety of wine.

The first winery sold some white wine; the second was chosen for the rose and the last did unlock the secret of Gibbston Valley's Pinot Noir.

But what if you don't (yet) know how to properly taste wines? Please: don't burden yourself with this notion that wine HAS to be tasted in a specific manner. Wine tasting - and drinking for this matter - is a very, very personal thing. Believe me: if you like to drink wine, whatever colour is has, you will certainly be welcomed as a 'Bacchus Club Member' and enjoy those treasures like everyone else does.

By the way: if you are truly interested in learning how to taste like a professional: ask the wine maker :-) Seriously - they DO know!

Here is your link to the Queenstown  food and wine lovers tour.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Special Day before the Wedding

Don't we remember or envision our wedding day as something unique and simply unforgettable... Or course we do. So let me tell you a story of a Japanese couple who extended their excitement.

Just last week, we hosted this lovely couple on our Canyon and Wine tour. They booked this full day excursion over the internet. We picked them up as agreed from their Queenstown accommodation and off we went into Skippers Canyon to spent the first 3hours of the day.

After this initial experience we took them to our first winery stop and had lunch. There we learnt that they where on their honeymoon in New Zealand and that Queenstown will play a major role at their wedding. In fact, the day they joined our full day get-away was their last day before the wedding!

And what a day it was - simply glorious! The sun would be shining for them all day long, increasing the experience of wine tasting even more.

After lunch, we visited the second vineyard, where THE special wine bottle was bought - what an incredible memory this must have been!

Though the last and third vineyard did not see this remarkable couple as they decided to experience other people bungy-jumping off the ramp at the Kawarau Centre instead of tasting more wine - and surely we accommodated them as best as we could.

We are sure the two enjoyed the rest of their 'last' day memorably.

The next day did hold a little surprise for us. We did our usually tour into Skippers Canyon and at the saddle, we saw the couple with a photographer taking pictures of them with Mount Aurum in the background - what a wedding day!

We wish them all the best and good fortunes...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aah - those Pinots

The Rugby World Cup takes place every 4 years. This year, New Zealand hosted 20 Nations over the past 6 weeks. This tournament was highly anticipated in New Zealand and certainly brought some excitement to our Rugby-crazy Nation. And the best of all: we won it - the All Blacks brought the cup back after 24 years of waiting. Well done!

But the road to this success was difficult. Contesting against some high-calibre Nations, like Australia, England,Wales, South Africa and France brought the best out of New Zealand.

In 2007, the winner of the cup was South Africa. Bearing this in mind, it is only natural that quite a few South Africans spent some time in our country. Despite that they lost in the Quarterfinals against Australia, they enjoyed amongst other things our Pinot noirs in Gibbston Valley.
Pinot noir to enjoy in company

It is true, South Africa creates outstanding wines. Our guests though told us that the Pinot noirs from our Queenstown region are definitely something special. The rugged terrain, the unique climate and the schist rock infused earth create a delicious earthiness combined with a mineraly taste to this fruitful grape.

The road to this wine production success was as challenging as winning the Rubgy World Cup 2011. Pinot noir is a grape variety whose importance in New Zealand is extremely high, in particular in the Queenstown area. It all started with the Central Otago Gold rush around 1860. A French immigrant, Jean Desire Feraud, found his fortune by planting vines. He started the commercial wine production which has now become an international success.

The current wine makers of eg. Waitiri Creek, Chard Farm, Brennan Wines or Peregrine Wines receive high accolades on international wine shows. For instance, the 2009 Pinot noir of Peregrine Wines was awarded the Bouchard Finlayson Trophy Pinot Noir in the International Wine and Spirit Competition as the 'best wine of the world' - you can't beat that!

Aah, those Pinots...

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